Subject: P90x vs. Hitch Fit. What is the Difference?


I get the question on a regular basis” What is the difference between Hitch Fit and P90x” My answer EVERYTHING...


The link below is their description of the system.

In a nutshell its a DVD system that you do at home that is set up for 90 days with very intense workouts, a generic nutrition guide, no personal support and a so called thermogenic that is supposed to help burn fat quicker, which is not governed so who knows what is really in the product.

I have personally done the workouts, they are intense and I do believe in muscle confusion.  Here is where the issues are though, its not for beginners, if you do not have a workout background this system is not for you, there is no personal touch or support, you never talk to Tony Horton personally, its a automated system telling you to have a great day!!, everyone is doing the exact same workouts and the same diet, nothing is custom.  It’s not good for anyone with a pre existing injury or a specific type of diet such as vegan, gluten free, comp prep, ECT.  They do not have any sort of maintence program after the program is complete which does not lead to long term success, nothing is touched on inner self, and everything is about the outer transformation... So you finish your 90 days, lose some weight, then what?  I do feel it is the best DVD system on the market available but I think it lacks in many areas surrounding total transformation for long term success. You’re paying around $120 for the whole system.

Hitch Fit

Hitch Fit is a Worldwide Online Personal Training System with clients in over 40 countries.  Hitch Fit is based on Lifestyle change.  We focus on changing the inner self in turn becoming more healthy, fit and educated on nutrition and fitness.  The foundation of the system starts with Diana and I.  We live and breathe health and fitness, helping people reach their goals is our passion, it is where we find our happiness, between the both of us we have over 15 years of training experience working with 1000′s of clients.  We teach our clients the Hitch Fit way of living, Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle.   We go the extra mile to insure that the client stays accountable and gets the results they desire.   Hitch Fit is not a Dvd system and can be used at home or at the gym.  Within the Hitch Fit system you will get custom 12-16 week workouts, Diet, Hitch Fit DVD and Book, which show you how to properly do every exercise within the custom routines and teach you lifestyle and nutrition.  You will also get personal communication with us weekly via email or face book for any questions or concerns.  We will not be putting you on any sort of weight loss pills, we teach you balanced eating and living for success, no pills needed




After you choose the program that is best for you we will email you a list of questions that will help us determine your nutrition, goals and workouts.  We will then design your plan and within 24-48 hours you will receive your plan, you can opt to get the hard copy of the book and DVD or download it, shipping may take 2-7 days depending on where you live in the world.  Weekly you will keep in touch with us letting us know how you are doing and we will be there to answer any question you may have.  When your transformation is competing we highly advise you taking after pics and putting together the transformation.  I cannot explain to you how awesome it is to get the much deserved feedback you get from the Hitch Fit community after all that hard work you put in.  You will be placed on the website and your story will inspire 1000′s.


We can work with any type of individual from someone overweight, to someone trying to put weight on as well as sport specific type of goals.  We have clients with disabilities and clients stepping on stage to compete.  Being that everything is custom there is nothing we cannot make.  We have worked with truck drivers, night shift cops, pregnant women, post pregnancy, clients disabled without use of 1 or both legs, pre existing injuries, health related issues, diabetes, gluten free, vegans, anything and everything.   My main goal is not to sell as many systems as possible, my main goal is to work with as many 100% ready to change their lives people as possible and transform them.  You have to be 100% ready and willing for change if you expect change to happen.  As I tell people when they write me, if you are not 100% ready for change then do not buy this system.


The only issues with online training is you have to be the type of person that can follow a plan on their own or with a friend, if you need constant accountability or someone looking over you, then I highly advise finding a great trainer/coach in your area but you expect to pay 50-100 per hour for 12-16 weeks if you have a 50 lb weight loss or less.  The other thing that cannot be taught over the internet is intensity, you need to know how hard you can push your body and most people naturally do not.  A good rule of thumb ” if you can talk while your working out, then your not working hard enough”  and “when you feel the burn do 5- 7 more reps” !!!

Hitch Fit vs. P90x Before and After Pics

Both Hitch Fit and p90x are intense and can be successful for the client in fat loss and muscle gain.  Both supply lots of before and after pics which show the proof on the visual changes of the outer appearance, The most important factor is what p90x leaves out, where are they after the program, were they educated enough to do things on their own, do they know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat when they are not in transformation mode and just living to maintain? What about the long term results?   Not one client who has finished the Hitch Fit program 100% and fully committed themselves has gained the weight back controllably.
Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux

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