Subject: Will Cinnamon Cause Bleeding? Plus Chromium Warning


Will cinnamon cause increased bleeding?

Not all supplements are created equal. In fact, most
supplements are poorly created and aren’t worth the
cost of the label used to sell them.

In Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I set forth a long list of
criteria that everyone should use to choose “the right supplements.”

Use that list and stop buying crap!

This is especially true for cinnamon products that contain
chromium! Supplemental chromium is nasty! It is a synthetic
mimic that damages your genetic material, DNA. Avoid it!

In graduate school, I worked in the lab that showed this life threatening
side effect to occur and was able to see how it attacked our DNA with my
own eyes, under a microscope....Stop using it!

When I set out to design natural medicine, I make damn sure
that its going to be the absolute best product available,anywhere.
Take Cinnergy as an example.

Cinnergy contains cinnamon and milk thistle that is 4 times stronger than
any other product available. It’s also truly natural because it doesn’t contain
any chromium or other synthetic nastiness.

A common question regarding Cinnergy is, “Will cinnamon increase the risk of
internal bleeding?”

Hell no.

Stop using Google to “do your research.”

There is a massive movement to imprison you with fear and
trepidation when it comes to using natural medicine - making
people think that cinnamon could potentially cause them to
bleed-to-death courtesy of cinnamon derived coumarin is one step
toward this.

The wildly unique cinnamon and milk thistle combo works to slow
the aging process by controlling your sensitivity to insulin and also
protecting you from the modern day toxic threat, we all face from
polluted air, water and food. It helps remove mercury and lots more!

Users experience the following:

If Type II diabetic, users no longer have to take prescription
drugs to reduce your sugar levels

It also attacks stubborn fat...By lowering blood sugar, it
prevents your belly from holding unsightly fat courtesy of lower
insulin. By lowering insulin with Cinnergy, your metabolism is
shifted back into fat burning mode and cells begin to produce and
churn out its “hormonal weapons of fat destruction.” These
hormones, such as glucagon and human growth hormone (hGH), flood
the belly region to blast stubborn belly fat. But the benefits
go far beyond helping you look good in a bathing suit...

Cinnergy helps you live longer, better. That's why I spent 6
years researching and developing it. Nowhere can you find a
MEDICINALLY ACTIVE blend of milk thistle and cinnamon that has
verified ingredients and activity.


I don’t make natural medicine to sell to the entire world...In
fact, I don’t make it for the entire United States of America.

It takes a lot of time and money to produce the best products in
the world, so I’m limited in how much I produce.

First come first serve.

Start living young with Cinnergy. Order today, and I’ll send
you a free eBook that outlines in perfect detail how to “live
the low-glycemic lifestyle.” It won’t last!

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