Subject: FormerFatGuy - Giveaway Day 2 (More Muscle)


Giveaway Day 2 (More Muscle)

I told you that I would be giving things away all week.

It started yesterday and continues today.

I'm giving away some of the most advanced muscle building, fitness, abdominal and fat loss programs ever conceived of by Nick Nilsson .

Every day, for 5 days!

This is Day 2

Rapid Muscle Building - Muscle Explosion

Yesterday it was Metabolic Surge by Nick Nilsson, today it’s about rapid muscle building.

Be forewarned, this program is intense.  My good friend Scott Tousignant gained 6.5 pounds of muscle in 28 days.

I’ll be shooting for 8 when I do it.

How about you?  How much muscle do you want?

"Muscle Explosion! 28 Days To Maximum Mass" is a powerful program for building muscle as FAST as possible.

It's a 28 day program that utilizes cutting-edge training and nutritional techniques to help trainers blast through training plateaus and gain 5 to 10 lbs of muscle in just 4 weeks.

Today I’m giving away a copy of Muscle Explosion to one lucky commenter on this post:

just like yesterday, tell me why you want it and why I should give it to you.

How hard are you willing to work for your muscle?

Nick is the author of 7 different fitness and muscle building programs designed to build muscle everywhere on your body.  He’s the Mad Scientist of the fitness world.
If you’re looking for something different to stimulate new growth like never before, I urge you to check out this sale at:

- - >

I’ll be choosing a winner on the weekend.

Talk to you tomorrow, when I have the next give away.


PS: these are NOT for the average Joe or Jane – you must be in very good physical condition to begin with and have an intermediate to advanced training background already.