Subject: FormerFatGuy - Can I Eat Fruit Before Doing Cardio?

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1: Feedback from a Reader

2: Question from Reader

"is it ok to eat before or after working out or doing cardio?"


1. Feedback from a reader following the "jump start your fat loss"

article series

Hey Rob!

It's working like crazy. People are noticing as well as I can

feel it all coming off. Mind you I have 67 years of fat to

come off. Great stuff.

Noho ora mai

Aroha H Reriti-Crofts

--- end snip --

Awesome job Aroha! Keep up the good work.

Aroha is following the first two principle's of my series

"jump start your fat loss". If you'd like to read parts

one and two, see the end of this email.



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2. Question from a Reader

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From: absolutvacca@**********.com

Subject: is it ok to eat before or after working out or doing cardio?

Dear Rob,

Is it ok to eat an apple, banana or orange before entering

the gym or running? And is it ok to eat after you workout? Ive

been eating chicken after working out in order to get protein

to my muscles, but iI think im gonna go buy some whey protein

shortly instead. And if I do use whey protein should I mix it

with water or milk?



A: good question. To fully answer it, I\'d have to make some

assumptions based on your goals. Your question is about eating

fruit before your cardio and is it ok to eat it after your

workout. There are a couple of possible answers.

As I see it, there are 4 separate philosophies around food


1. fat loss

2. weight gain

3. maintenance

4. high performance physical needs

burning fat has different requirements than does weight gain as

do maintenance and high performance.

I\'ll address fat loss here.

Time of Exercise: The time you do your Cardio has a big influence

in the way you'll burn fat, the best time is when you wake up and

you haven't eaten anything, the body will burn much more fat if

you do it at this time because it will have to take from the fat

reservoir since you haven't eaten anything to take energy (Fat)

from directly. Cardio can also be done when recovering from a

lifting session, since the body is still burning calories you can

take advantage and start your cardio there and burn twice as


Whether or not this is true or not is another matter. There is

much discussion on the subject, but I\'ve always said that \"proof

is in the pudding\", give it a try for yourself for a few months,

then switch it up and see what effects you get personally. I do

cardio in the morning on an empty stomach and it\'s worked best

for me that way.

That said, I also believe it\'s better to do cardio at some point

in the day rather than not at all. If you had one opportunity to

do cardio in the day and it happened to be after you\'d eaten,

then do it regardless.

Now, I\'ll also say to save your fruit for AFTER you train, not

before. You\'re still in need of adding in some protein after you

train, but you might want to look at eating the fruit first to

supply carbs and then give the fruit a half hour or 40 minutes to

digest, then have a glass of water and then your protein and

veggies meal following that.

Having easily digestible carbs right after you train re-supplies

the muscles with the needed glycogen they require.

Have a couple of apples right after your workout while still in

the gym or locker room. Give it a half hour, drink some water

and then have your post workout meal.

About whey protein: if you\'re trying to burn fat, a whole food

meal will always be better than whey protein as it\'s longer

burning and will provide a much higher thermogenic effect,

burning more fat.

As for milk, I would never advise milk or any dairy products

ever. I don\'t believe they\'re made for human consumption.

as for points 2, 3 and 4, I'll save those for another issue.

Thanks for the question



Disclaimer: before starting any health or fitness program,

please consult a physician.


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