Subject: FormerF@Guy - Please Help Me To Help You - Reader Poll

Hi Friend

I’ve been away from the keyboard for a few days now for various
reasons so wanted to touch base quickly.

Firstly, one of my writers :Kristine was intent on educating you
on Sugar, Diabetes and Syndrome X a few weeks ago but a power
supply burnout left their laptop disabled until recently. I’d
like to say it’s coming out this Thursday but I don’t know that
to be the case right now. I’ll find out and let you know. It’s
important information that she’s about to share.

In the mean time, I’d like to ask your help with a question.

This involves about 60 seconds of your time

I would your help in understanding what sort of information you
would like to know about so that I may serve you better.

It’s my belief that if we educate ourselves about health and
focus on our health we will achieve whatever it is that we want.
This involves food, recipes, relationships, stress reduction,
fitness, products and more.

I just released a poll on the blog asking for your input

There are 20 entries.

Simply check off the ones that apply and I’ll take it from there.

Thank you in advance for taking just a moment to participate.  It really
is just 60 seconds.

I’d also like to let you know that one of my friends is writing
about Kitchen Tips and the Environment. Scott Bird has recently
posted some articles on how to choose a kitchen knife , 7 Kitchen
and most recently, how to set up a worm farm to help
you with composting your kitchen scraps. You may or may not know
that Scott wrote a 4 part series of articles on Asian Cooking
including the Asian diet pyramid , cooking with green tea,
steaming and stir frying.

Saturdays is Food and Cooking day on the blog. My girlfriend Darlene
has been posting whole food recipes each Saturday, the most recent being
a homemade Salsa and last Saturday's was Steamed Kale with Chicken . If you're at all interested in cooking tips, cooking better or some great whole food recipes, subscribe to the blog posts or just remember to go check in on Saturdays. 

Scott's Healthy Asian Cooking article series starts here

Healthy Asian Cooking - The Asian Diet Pyramid

and here is his most recent three posts I mentioned above

7 Essential Kitchen Gadgets

What To Look For When Buying A Kitchen Knife

Can-o-worms Worm Farm Review

I'm about to begin composting again now that I have a place
to do it. I will be doing both a bacteria composting area
as well as adding in the worm farm for kitchen scraps.

Both are great ways to reduce garbage and to turn your
kitchen scraps into good soil for your garden or your plants.

Until next time

Be Well