Subject: "I've lost 12 pounds & 15 inches in less than a month!"

"I've lost 12 pounds & 15 inches in less than a month with Isle Lose It!"
Hey how are you? 
Here at Isle Lose It HQ we are busy finishing off last minute preparation for September camp, starting Monday 2nd September at all our venues. 

YOU STILL HAVE TIME to register as our guest for next week's trial week, and registration closes tomorrow (Friday). 

Instead of me rambling on (like I do) I have just finished a new video for our website explaining why Isle Lose It is different to your average boot camp, why counting calories is futile and why there really is NOTHING to be scared of. 

New member Paula came along to for the first time ever in August and in less than 4 weeks she had lost a staggering 12 pounds and 15" - how amazing is that ?(oh and we are pleased to say she has already booked her place for September camp too!)

That could be YOU at the end of September, but we need you to get in touch! 

Here is the video anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to me, and that what I say makes sense to you.

Just click here:

To reserve your place for September either email of call me personally on 07912 37300 and I will do everything else!

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!"

When are you going to join us?

Stay healthy

Sue x