Subject: FOOD for FAT LOSS <-- [Entire 30 day fat loss plan.]

So I asked our friend, Kiwi Chris, to teach you
exactly how you can incorporate Athletic Greens,
or proper diet alone, to achieve ridiculous fat loss
results in just 30 days. 

This is an area of specialty for Chris.  Although
he currently has no fat loss products on the market,
I lived with him for 30 days, worked out with him
at my gym, and I can tell you that he knows his stuff.

There is so much for you to absorb here,
and it's going to take a little while before
it all makes sense.  Don't worry - that's part
of the process... however, if you're in a rush,
I've bolded summary points for you to glance

After you get through this email once or twice,
I'd suggest that you print it out and place it on
your desk or fridge so you can learn one or two
new things each day that will help you improve
your overall health and well-being through incredible
nutritional advice.

Now, for the record, Chris is a bit more extreme in
his view of carbs, cheat days, etc. than I am, but his
viewpoint is purest, and there's a lot of truth to what
he says... I just like to play too much, so sometimes
I find complete elimination of certain macronutrients
unnecessary to get results.  Either way, this information
is solid gold, and it's sure to help you get some amazing

Be sure to read all the way through to the bottom today.

FOOD for FAT LOSS and the idea behind Athletic Greens
Hey mate,

I hope you find this better than ever. In light of a bunch
of questions recently on when to take Athletic Greens,
Athletic Greens and fat loss, food and fat loss, fat loss
and fat loss, and Athletic Greens vs "post workout
powder xyz" I decided to rip this one out.

My take on FOOD for FAT LOSS and the idea behind
Athletic Greens.

Lets start with my direction for 95% plus of people on
how and when to take Athletic Greens.

Wake up, take 1 serving of Athletic Greens, in water.
Do this everyday. AND/OR take your serving of
Athletic Greens immediately post workout (or depending
on diet immediately prior to first meal of the day).
For 95% of people, this is the be all and end all of
how you take Athletic Greens.

NOTE: It is NOT a meal replacement. I am going to say that often.

The idea behind Athletic Greens,
or Why woud you take Athletic Greens?

You take Athletic Greens to get a huge wallop of food-sourced
and readily absorbable micronutrients (and get them in to your system)
every day. They have been pre selected for efficacy, quality, and
in optimal amounts.

These micronutrients are VITAL for every function in your body.
If you are missing out on even one, your health suffers.

At the same time Athletic Greens works on your body's ability to
absorb nutrients by improving gut health:

Improving Gut Health = Increased Nutrient Absorption + Lower Inflammation

Athletic Greens will also massively boost your immunity,
detox (lightly) your liver, and do a host of other little
things like give your brain a neurotransmitter boost and
provide potent anti-oxdiants aimed at improving cellular
function and overall health.

Pure and simple, it is "Ultimate Nutritional Insurance".
Insurance against nutrient gaps in your diet (or if you eat
"perfectly" nutrient gaps in your available food quality).
Insurance against disease. Insurance against problems
with your GI tract impacting on your health and your
absorption of nutrients.

That is it. It is not a meal replacement (who still eats these? please eat FOOD),
it is not designed to be taken only on "cheat days" - it was
designed to give you a DAILY leg up nutrition wise with
a view to optimum health, energy, longevity, and performance.

If you take it every day, it works. And yes, if you get
those benefits in a row it will help with fat loss.

It is designed so that you take it every day, and over
time you will look, feel, and perform better. You
will also get sick a lot less often, improve health
right down to the telomere level (the ends of your
DNA strands, anti-oxidants have been shown to do this)
and enjoy overall greater energy. 

These are all very good things. But none of that makes
Athletic Greens a replacement for actual food that you chew.

Food is FIRST.

Some simple rules for nutrition, if you do these, you will
be ripped in no time. Oh yeah, you will also live longer,
feel healthier, and have far lower incidence of disease. 
  1. EAT for nutrient density
  2. EAT to improve gut absorption of nutrients
  3. EAT a macro nutrient profile that lends itself to improved body composition and less disease
  4. DO NOT EAT anti-nutrients
There are some great programs out there,
the Slow Carb Diet, Diet Solution, work
very well. They are especially good with
a view to compliance. They work, and
with compliance people stick to them....
so people get results.

Having said that, here is my take on FOOD for FAT LOSS:

This is an all out, no bullocks, results guaranteed way
of eating. You won't get hungry more than once or twice
if you do it properly.

This is very very easy, note the words FOOD (that is
what you will be eating, and the only thing you will
be eating) and FAT LOSS - if you eat this way, and
don't change a thing, that is what will happen.

The Kiwi's take on FOOD for FAT LOSS.... and Happiness

You want to lose fat? REALLY lose fat? Then lets
get it over and done with!

Here is how:

Make every meal a healthy sequence of Protein,
Good Fats, and Non Starchy Veggies…

In that order.

And with no exceptions.

Do this for 30 days (or 60, or forever, if you prefer),
and get the bulk of your fat loss over and done with,

This trick, which automatically ensures a superior
macro nutrient ratio for fat loss (and health) - has
outstanding results with EVERYONE who tries it
for the whole 30 days.

1. Protein FIRST. Every meal, start by eating a clean,
CHEWABLE quality source of protein. What do I mean? 
meat (preferably grass-fed), (non-farmed) fish, free
range poultry, clean living or game meats, and free
range eggs.

That is it.

Aim for a DAILY intake of 1 gram of protein per lb
of bodyweight. Yes, I really said that that, and yes,
it is harder than it sounds.

Yes, it is so important it is going at number 1.

Break this protein intake over each of your daily
meals (2 meals is ok, 3 meals is perfect and 4 is
more than enough), and make getting in that quota
your priority at every meal.

2. Fat SECOND. After you get your real food
protein down, ensure you are getting some
healthy, quality, FATS at every meal.

If you cook in coconut oil, limit omega 6 intake,
and and eat nothing for protein but grass fed meat,
wild salmon, anchovies, and sardines, game meats
and wild fowl, you are probably good to go without
any supplementation whatsoever.

Since this is nearly NO ONE, everyone else needs
to balance out their omega 3 to omega 6 ratios. You are 
aiming for a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio which are our ancestral
dietary norms and NOT what is happening with the
bulk of the food you eat  (you need a LOT more
omega 3 and a lot LESS omega 6 to get this
balance, trust me).

We do this two ways:
  1. LIMIT OMEGA 6 intake.
  2. TOP up Omega 3 intake. 
Other than the protein selection guides
above. to top up Omega 3, do the following....
Take down a handful of fish oil with every
meal. Work up to 10-50 GRAMS per DAY.

Yes I said that too.

Daily amount as follows:

10 grams if you can see your abs even when
sitting, never eat any grain fed meat, have no
auto-immune or inflammatory issues, and none
of your joints hurt, ever.

50 grams if you are more than 30lbs overweight,
any of your joints hurt, or you suffer any form of 
auto-immune or inflammatory disease. If you are
anywhere in between, I recommend you continually
build up towards 50 grams until you CAN see your
abs, then drop back down to the 10 grams per day level.

Divide your daily intake across your meals equally.

Trust me on this, it may take some working up to, but
the results are outstanding. It will also help your BRAIN,
and even the health of your telomeres (the "caps" on your DNA).

What about eating grain fed meat? Avoid it whenever possible,
those cows are unhealthy and have a messed up omega 6 to
omega 3 ratio, but if you have to, go for the leanest cut you 
can (the fat on grain fed meat is BAD). PLUS automatic 10
grams of fish oil, every time.

You can also chomp away on almonds, macadamias, Brazil
nuts or walnuts, but these can potentially increase your
Omega 6 load (macadamias, brazil nuts and macadamias
the best of the nuts but remember that ratio) so personally,
get the fish oil in first and see how you feel.

Any meal that is made up of grass fed meat, wild salmon,
anchovies, or sardines, you can halve the fish oil.

NOTE: This high dose fish oil approach is an INTERVENTION.
It is designed to help you get rid of inflammation, start stripping
fat and balance out your (likely horrible) current omega 3 to
omega 6 ratio. You do this for 30 to 60 days.

Then you back right down. Intervention means it is not forever.
3. Veggies THIRD. Yes, third. Fill up (keep going until you
achieve satiety) with green, nutrient dense veggies.

Just close out the meal and keep chomping until you are
no longer hungry. You will get a TON of micronutrient 
goodness with very little calories, so seriously, eat away!

Here are my favorites: 
  • Spinach 
  • Kale 
  • Broccoli 
  • Cabbage 
  • Baby Bok Choy 
  • Brussel Sprouts 
  • Cauliflower 
  • String beans 
Feel free to add your own.
Just make sure you cycle through the veggie choices,
and don’t be afraid to add plenty more, variety rocks,
and there can be too much of a good thing. 

What about carbs you ask?

My answer: This is about FAT LOSS,
so what about them?

Limit fruit, eat NO white carbs at all,
and only drink sugar free, unsweetened

This means water, tea, black coffee.

Sound extreme? Not really, extreme is forcing our
bodies to survive on a diet that is freaking terrible for us.

The result, lots and lots of FAT and MISERABLE people.

I am all about happiness, so please, don’t be one of them.
Oh yeah, this also means NEVER EVER EVER EAT GLUTEN.

Ancestrally, we didn’t eat any processed carbs, or even a
carb heavy diet, and we sure as heck didn't eat much gluten.

Move your body over to this, our more ancestral and evolutionary
format for eating and quite simply…. prepare to be amazed.

The nutrient density of a meal like this alone is a world away from
a modern, nutrient starved, about to make you fat and miserable “meal”.

Note: Elite or very hard training athlete's whose focus is on recovery
(or fuel, in the case of endurance athletes) should take down some
carbs post workout in the form of tubers. This equals yams, sweet
potatoes, taro, yuca, and potentially a small amount of fruit.

Nothing else. Do not eat anything else.

I repeat. If your goal is FAT LOSS, then for 30 days eat NOTHING ELSE.

This means for the 30 days.....

NO CHEAT DAYS: Yep, no cheat days. You can have the
odd OVER EATING day, but the rules for the food order
and choices remain the same. If you want to over eat one
day a week, go for it. Brazilian BBQ restaurants with a
salad bar works a treat.

NO GLUTEN. Remember the "no anti-nutrients"? Gluten is
the king of anti-nutrients. So that means not today, not on a
cheat day, not ever. You are welcome.

they are OUT for my version of the 30 day fat loss cure.
While legumes are by far a "lessor evil" when compared
to gluten, the anti-nutrient content (lignans, lectin, saponins)
plus the carb content rules them out.

POST WORKOUT NUTRITION: see meal rules above.
Nothing changes if the primary goal is fat loss. Athletes
already lean can add in some tubers and a small amount
of fruit. LIMIT fruit if you want to speed up the fat loss.
If you are going to do fruit at all, NOW is the time.


NO DAIRY: including milk, cheese, whey protein,
cottage cheese or anything else. Did you see ANY
mention of dairy above? Nope. That is because it is
not in your diet at all the next 30 days.

DO NOT HAVE LIQUID MEALS if your goal is
FAT LOSS. This includes ALL protein shakes,
blending up a ton of veges and or fruit in a blender,
or any "meal replacement" products. These will cause
insulin spikes, those spikes don't help your fat loss
one little bit.

LIMIT FRUIT to post work out only, one serving or
less (on average) per workout, until you are lean.
Best choices are melons or berries. Limit means
exactly that.

SUPPLEMENTS: in total. Athletic Greens for
insurance and gut health (as required), fish oil
for Omega 3s, and Vitamin D3 if you are not
getting enough sun. Anything else is surplus,
and purely elective. (Heck, ALL of them are
elective. Food is first remember).

no calorie counting. If you do it right, there will
be no hunger either.

Just eat when you are hungry, and stop when you
are full, but ONLY eat this way. If a lack of appropriate
food choices means you can't eat for a few hours,
pucker up and hold on.

If it happens, ENJOY the hunger, and when you can
eat according to the rules, just make up for it in terms
of volume.

Having this break from food intake won't detrimentally
harm your fat loss, or your muscle, or anything else. I promise.

That. Is. IT.

Note: Just in case you are crying at the thought of
what you CAN'T eat. Once you are ripped, you can
start to play with the following:
  • More fruit post workout
  • Carbs in general post workout (tubers and/or fruit, melons and berries the best)
  • Nuts and seeds (but watch volume) 
  • Not worrying about having the odd meal where you go off the rails (a little, and if you are smart, NEVER gluten)
  • Playing with Dairy a little - especially post workout (if after MASS) if tolerated
  • Alcohol in moderation 
But, until you are ripped.... try this EXACT eating pattern
and food choices for EVERY meal for 30 days.

Exercise SMART. Lift weights with intensity 2-4 x per week,
never more than 1 hour, and generally far less. Walk as often
as you can. Spend more time on relaxation outdoors more
than you do now.

Focus on SLEEP (chase 8-9 hours in a black-out room), and
getting 30-60 minutes of sun daily. If you don't get enough
sun, supplement with some Vitamin D3.

If you do this, really truly do this, and don’t love me at the end
of it…… well, there is always a first time for everything.

"100% Focus on Happiness"

That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.


Chris Ashenden


Wow, Chris.  Again, I'm blown away - thank you.

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I hope you enjoy!

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