Subject: [Children's Writing Update] Yep, We've Got *More* Freebies For You!

Fightin' Bookworms

Hi folks,  Happy June!

Jon from Children's Book Insider here with an
update on all the cool new stuff waiting for you at the CBI

While most of our content is only for our paying members (a.k.a. Fightin' Bookworms)
we have made some of the goodies open to everyone. 

Look for the icon that says "Free Content" for items everyone can view. 

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Download The Ultimate Editing Checklist!


The Ultimate Editing Checklist

From our best selling ebook I’ve Written a Story, What Do I Do Now?, a
special gift -- the complete first chapter which features “The Ultimate
Editing Checklist”!

Free Content

How to Make a Picture Book Dummy


Hint: It Looks Nothing Like This! :)

Picture book dummies are easy to make, fun to look at — and utterly
essential to your success. Here’s exactly how to make one of your own!

Premium Content    


Your Career Coach Teresa on The Three Ps of Success 

3 Ps of Success

What’s the difference between a wannabe writer and a successful
author? Often, it’s as simple as knowing and practicing The Three Ps!
Top author Teresa Funke explains it all in this brief and powerful

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11 Wonderful Book Apps to Inspire You (and Your Kids!)

apps to inspire

Apps are everywhere — but which are the ones to emulate and study? Our
App Expert Karen Robertson's got the answer!

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A CBI EXCLUSIVE!   Four of the Most Successful Children's Authors on the Planet on

Persevering in the Face of Fear, Rejection & Doubt


Ready to give up? Certain that your dream of making it writing
children's books is dying?  Well guess what -- just about every famous
author has been in your exact place one time or another.  It's how
they powered on to success that separates them from everyone else.

Want to know their secrets?  We interviewed four of the top children's
authors in the world -- Jay Asher, Jerry Spinelli, Dandi Daley
Mackall, and Bobbie Pyron and asked them.  What they have to say can
change your career -- and your life.

This exclusive special report is featured in the June issue of
Children's Book Insider, the Newsletter for Children's Writers.  If
you're a Fightin' Bookworm, click here to download the issue (which
also features lots of great exclusive market news and other excellent

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Not a Fightin' Bookworm?  This is the perfect time to change that, and
get instant access to this remarkable article -- and everything else
the CBI Clubhouse has to offer.  Click here:


The Smart Writer’s Guide to Publishing Contracts 


Freaked out by the idea of having to negotiate and sign a publishing
contract? Our Expert Guide Jane Choate has got you covered!

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Enjoy....and keep writing!


All the best,

Jon Bard

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Children's Writers

* Fightin' Bookworm in Chief, The CBI Clubhouse -- The Essential
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