Subject: [Children's Writing Update] A reminder and some nice news to share....

Hi guys, Jon here.

I've got something nice to share with you, but first I want
to remind you that a new edition of the Children's Writing Update
was sent out Thursday morning.

If you missed it, or if your spam filter got a bit oversealous,
you can view it right now at

Some quick highlights:

* We're beginning our 20th anniversary celebration by giving out
a secret code to save you 20% on a CBI Clubhouse membership!

* We shared some links about Apple's new iPad that are specifically
about the impact it may have on books and reading.

* We have a new video for you all about choosing the right topic
to write about.

* A Children's Authors' Botcamp has been scheduled for Charlotte, NC.
We have all the details.

* I found a very cool site about publicizing and finding bookstore

* Laura's article "Of Teenage Boys and Human Blowtorches" is sure to
put a smile on the face of anyone who's parented -- or known - a

Again, the link is

Now, I just wanted to share something. It's the kind of e-mail we
get all the time, but the thrill of seeing something like this
never wears off. This morning's e-mail brought this from one of our
esteemed Fightin' Bookworms, Claudia McAdam:

"I am a longtime subscriber and 30-year professional children's
writer. I need to credit Children's Book Insider with leading to the
sale of my 13th book, Riddle at the Rodeo, which is due out this April
from Soto Publishing. Last year you ran a piece about Soto
Publishing's call for middle grade novels--a call which I answered
with my submission. And the rest, as they say, is (a very happy)

So, I write today as an encouragement for all children's writers--
published or yet-to-be-published. A subscription to CBI yields
numerous benefits, from expert advice on all aspects of the craft to
actually leading to a work's publication. Thank you."

Thanks Claudia -- glad we could help! And for everyone else, let this
be yet another reminder that you CAN build a successful children's writing
career with persistence, hard work, a great attitude -- and a little
help from your buddies at! :)

All the best,

Jon Bard

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