Subject: Chapter 2- Eye Of The Kung Fu Tiger

The final chapter of 'When I Accidently
Hit My Sifu In The Face'

To bring you up to speed of where we
are, you can read the preceding chapters
below (Chapter 1 at the bottom).

So I let loose a punch. In My mind
that's what he wanted me to do. But no..
it wasn't. Not at all.

As Sifu talked to the rest of the
class, my punch sailed through the air
and landed on the mitt he was holding-
nearly full force.
He wasn't ready for the impact and the
mitt recoiled and hit him in the lip.

I had just whacked my kung fu master; a
4th Dan black belt in the mouth.

I froze.

Sifu turned to look at me, his hand
reaching for his lip where a tiny split
let out a trickle of blood.

The look he gave me can only be
described as
'The Eye of the Tiger'

If you've ever seen the New Zealand
rugby team (The All Blacks) do the haka
you will know what I mean.

The haka is an ancient Maori war dance.
The warriors open their eyes wide- you
can literally see the whites of their
eyes and it is quite terrifying.

I thought I was going to die on the
spot as I blurted out my apology.

But I only saw that look for a second
though, and then my Sifu's face resumed
it's calm, pleasant look. A great
martial artist controls his emotions,
never lets the emotion control him.

I'll never forget that moment. It was
terrifying but awesome as well, to see
what the look of a warrior really is.

And his lip was fine, just a little
bump really (luckily for me).

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--------- Chapter 2 -------------
To recap on the last chapter I sent
about my kung fu lesson when I hit my
Sifu in the face..

I was in a training session and we were
doing some pad work.

I love doing pad work. It's a great feeling
when you get the strike just right.
So much power can be generated just from
technique- this was one of Bruce Lee's
greatest secrets.

The Sifu called me and the other students
over to demo a technique.

The sign of a great teacher is being
able to break a complex task into a set
of smaller, easier tasks. Whether it's
kung fu or cooking- the same principle

So, Norm (the Sifu) was holding the hand
mitts and ask me to punch him.

I did so, quite slowly, so he could show
evasive step and block. He asked me to do
it again, faster this time. And I did.

He turned to talk to the class. And for
some reason I thought he wanted me to punch

I did punch, but this time the mitts
were down.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3 to find out what


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-------- Chapter 1  -----------
KIA! The sound echoed though the
training dojo as the Sifu called for
each action [this one was front snap
kick, double punch].

I was 17 and had been training in Yau
Hawk Tao kung fu for about a year and a
half. I was never very good at team
sports as a kid, and I had the
co-ordination of a drunken monkey, so I
spend most of my free time playing
computer games.

But when I found martial arts I felt
like I found my home. I only had to
challenge myself, no need to compete
against anyone else (although there are
optional martial arts tournaments). I
just had to learn the basics, practice,
and get better.

So I was a brown belt by this time,
that's one belt before the prestigious
'black belt'. I was one of the more
senior belts on the class.

As a senior member, I was often asked
to help the Sifu demonstrate techniques
or hold the pads and mitts.

The Sifu- his name was Norm and he was
a short, stocky Scottish guy with
thinning hair. Norm was 110% committed
to his art and his students, and taught
classes 5 days a week. He was the real
deal and could do the most amazing
things- and so Fast too.

One cold, damp Tuesday night we were
practicing punching combos on the mitts.
We paired off and went to work.

All through the hall was the sounds of
3 rapid bangs as we hit the mitts with
the combo; right, left, hook.

After 5 minutes Sifu called us over,
put on the mitts and stood in front of
me- I had to show the class something

Little did I know that what happened
next, I would still remember 20 years

Stay tuned for part 2.