Subject: 9am and I'm FREAKING OUT!

I was freaking out this morning, but
everything turned out good.

You see, I had a webinar I was doing at
10am my time (9PM EST) and I was
slightly nervous. Ok I was Very nervous.

I've done a few webinars before, in
fact in the lead up to Christmas I was
doing them every week on a Tuesday
night. It can be daunting at first, but
you get the hang of it very quickly
(just like riding a bike or skate

I was freaking out because this webinar
was an Inner Circle training for the My
Online Business Empire group- Matt
Lloyds business.

Matt asked me to do the training on how
I managed to get 500 leads in a day and
make nearly 2k in commissions. This was
during the last My Online Business
Empire contest he ran- I'm sure you got
my emails about it.

So the webinar went really well, except
my screen recording software bombed ..

Luckily I had a backup recording going
so it was successfully recorded .. phew!

The recording will be up in the members
area shortly, and if you're not a MOBE
member.. Why Not?

If you take your business seriously
then find out all about the My Online
Business Empire training program here:

=> MyOnlineBusinessEmpire

If you don't, that's cool. Just don't
complain when nothing big happens in
your business this year. There's always
next year, right?

One more thing. I recommend you start
doing some webinars yourself, just for
practice for when you hit the big time.

I use this software called MeetCheap.
It's really cheap, so obviously I'm not
telling you just to make a quick buck.
It works well though.

=> Meetcheap Online Presentations
Talk soon,


PS. kung fu training for me tonight.
What philosophical insights will I come
up with this time? lol

PPS. If you already know about the
My Online Business Empire program and you
just want to enroll, do that here:

=> MOBE Enroll

I'll see you on the inside!