Subject: [ WP CASH LINK BUDDY ] Place Ads Between Your Blog Pages, Like Big Sites!

| WHY: This is a great Wordpress plugin that allows you to load an ad
| between your blog page changes. So if a user moves from one of your
| pages to the next one, they will see your offer. They can purchase the
| special and time limited offer, or just skip it to reach the page they
| wanted to see :) This is really huge!

Hello and welcome!

Today I want to share with you 4 blogging tips that will help your blog to
grow, on daily basis! Try to apply each one, and see the results!

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"WP Cash Link Buddy" is definitely a super plugin, because it permits
you to setup ads to appear between your blog page surfed by visitors.
When they move to another blog page, your ad will be shown, and they
will have the opportunity to purchase the product/service (because it will
be a time limited or discounted offer) or just skip it to reach next page.

Many big sites are using this method, like Forbes for example, and if they
use it by two years it's because it works! And the great thing is it works
also on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and a lot of other websites!

It gives you the possibility to replace all the traditional links into your blog
with advanced full page ads! And your ad could be an opt-in page link
for downloading a super gift, to build your list! Or once more, a CPA link,
or an affiliate product link, to sell digital or physical products!

If you check out the sales page, you can find other ten ways to use this
plugin. All creative ways that can add more to your actual business. And
for the price it's sold, it's almost given away!

Here is the link :)


Thanks so much and see you soon!
Alessandro Zamboni