Major Face Press Site Updates this week including Digital Product Dispensing!

April 29th, 2011 at 5:17 am

Greetings Friend, we interrupt our regularly scheduled newsletter to bring you this special AECNU JV Partner announcement :-)

Major Face Press Site Updates!

Face Press Sites

Our Face Press Site e-commerce solution now includes digital product dispensing and more!

What's new this week?

A whole bunch!

E-Commerce Solution Updates .....

Check Do It Yourself Website Design

Global carts/checkout – currently PayPal Express only

Check Do It Yourself Website Design

Downloadable Products

Check Do It Yourself Website Design

Limit download count per purchase

Check Do It Yourself Website Design

Product variations, along with stock tracking for each

Check Do It Yourself Website Design

Per order product limits

Check Do It Yourself Website Design

Skipping payment form page if only one gateway allowed

Check Do It Yourself Website Design

Hide cart widget on cart pages

Check Do It Yourself Website Design

Add cart widget to sidebar on first install

Check Do It Yourself Website Design

Option to force login to checkout


Low Rates for Premium Membership .....

Yesterday a person wrote into us asking what the rate for Premium Membership is because she could not find them anywhere on the site ..... displaying the rates openly on the site was something we overlooked being more interested in the product then chasing money ..... They were normally displayed once logged into the control panel but now they are displayed on the main page accessible via a link on the main menu .....

Includes everything we describe including hosting, updates, and more. Even the benefits for the ad supported Free Websites or Blogs as described ....

Face Press Sites




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