Subject: *KaratBars* Team Advertising Info

Hello KaratBars Team!!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a one day ad at NeoBux and set up a rotator for everyone in my team (that had set up a LCP here: )

We had really good results and acquired a lot of leads. However, as someone astutely pointed out, a lot of those leads came from countries that aren't yet open to join KaratBars...

The solution to this is geo-targeting and I tested some more ads targeting only the largest countries that are open at KB : USA, Australia and Canada. My results were less spectacular, but have a greater chance of conversion.

The drawback is that the fixed ads at neobux cannot be geo-targeted. Only limited click ads can, and they are more expensive and show for less time than the fixed ads.

So I am honestly not sure what the best strategy is, but I think getting more coverage (24 hours) and unlimited clicks with a fixed ad, and then sorting thru the resulting leads is probably the "better deal".

Most of you are using the team ad rotator and that is fantastic, you SHOULD do that!

But if any of you would like to do a group ad with me, using the fixed ad at neobux to create more leads, I will be organizing that over the next few days.

I'd like to do a longer run, like 14 or 30 days. Here are the rates:

• Unlimited for 1 day: $100.00
 • Unlimited for 7 days: $665.00
 • Unlimited for 14 days: $1,260.00
 • Unlimited for 30 days: $2,550.00
 • Unlimited for 60 days: $4,800.00
 • Unlimited for 90 days: $6,750.00
 • Unlimited for 180 days: $12,600.00
 • Unlimited for 365 days: $23,725.00

How I will do this is you can send me any amount that fits your budget and I will purchase the longest term we can with the total.

Those that send more will have more weight in the rotator. For a simplified example, if someone sends half the amount of the total price, he will get a 50% weight in the rotator and his LCP will be shown twice the time as everyone else's combined.

This way, you can participate with any budget. I can accept paypal, payza or STP.

You will need to have your LCP set up and you will need to be in my downline and have upgraded. You can offer this to YOUR downline as well.  I will be double checking all usernames to make sure they are on my team though!

So, to participate:

Set up your LCP here if you haven't already done so:  (pw is 12345)

Then email me with the following info:
1. LCP url
2. How much you want to send
3. How you want to send it (paypal, payza or STP)

I will then send you the payment info and get you into the rotator.

I will give everyone until Sunday to get back to me and then will start the ad on Monday.

So inform your downline and let's get a nice big group in on this so we can do a really long term ad. Having a constant presence at NB adds to the attractiveness of what we are advertising.

Don't forget to check the team blog for updates on the team rotator as well!

If you want to get into our upline's skyperoom, contact me on Skype: suzannafrance and I will add you to that room. I am looking forward to our own team room though, coming soon!

And if you haven't joined KaratBars yet, what are you waiting for!! This is just the beginning of what will be a HUGE organization, so get in now!

Have a fantastic week and THANK YOU!

PS. The autoresponder will send emails to your leads automatically. But if you are comfortable doing so, go ahead and email  them a quick note yourself just to create a dialogue. The personal touch always helps!

And when someone JOINS karatbars under you, send them a copy of the email found here (you can personalize it first!)