Subject: *KaratBars* Group Update

Hello Happy KaratBars Members (and future members too!)

I know you've been waiting for an update and I apologize for the delay. It is just life keeping me busy!


I have several points to cover so will just use a list format. But I also want to define some terminology so we are all on the same page.

When I refer to our GROUP, I mean MY downline.
When I refer to our TEAM, I mean my sponsor's (Tyron) downline of which we are a part.
When I refer to our UPLINE (Lourens and Alby) , I mean my sponsor's sponsor whose downline/group/team we are also in.

Our GROUP's NeoBux Advertising Campaign:

Going great! Everyone is getting leads every day. The people who sent larger donations have more weight on their site, so they are getting seen more often. This is normal. But you should be getting at least a few leads per day, if not please let me know.

We do get a lot of leads from countries that are not allowed to upgrade at KB, but we also get leads that not only join, but upgrade. One lucky person had a new member upgrade and bring in 50 people already!!

It really is all about luck, but the more exposure we get, the more leads we get, the better your chances are of getting someone like that.

One thing for sure is that the LCP messages DO work and DO produce results.

I am exploring some other options for advertising as well and will keep you informed.

Our fixed ad is good until Oct 16 AND we almost have enough to extend it another two weeks after that.

***If you are happy with your results and want to extend, please contact me to add to the pot to continue after the 16th. ***

The TEAM Rotator (the $30 per month one):

Tyron will be posting an update soon with stats. But he has told me that the rotator is producing results, the problem is there are so many on it (200) that people aren't seeing the quantity of leads that they expected.

Tyron is geo-targeting as much as he can, trying to find leads in the KB Open Country list as opposed to the variety of leads we are seeing in our group's ad at neobux.

From my own testing, when you target, you get less leads. But any lead is a contact for life! Don't be discouraged by the "weird names" that come in. Some of my best downline members have "weird names" too!! LOL

Please keep an eye on our TEAM's blog for an impending update:  (bookmark this and check daily)

We should have a TEAM skype room soon as well.

Our UPLINE's Chat Room:

They have moved out of Skype due to growth and now have an online chatroom.
PLEASE go and watch this video on how to enter the new room: 

This is the link to the new room..  (bookmark and check when and if you have questions)

Our UPLINE's Marketing System

Lourens and Alby do have a marketing system they offer to their downline (including us) but it is a paid system. I may sign up for it because it looks like it may be a really professional way to market and I need to start extending my efforts outside my list (I am very old school!).

If I do, I will keep you updated with my results. If you think you may want to try it as well, let me know and I will send you the link for it.

The Alternate Advertising Options on our TEAM site:

Tyron posted two alternate advertising methods and some of you are following those. Unfortunately I have not done either and am clueless on how to help you when you get stuck, other than suggestions from guessing what the problem might be.

If anyone in my group has set them up successfully and would be willing to help others, please contact me and let me know and I will send you those that need support. MUCH APPRECIATED.

Joined but NOT UPGRADED yet?

Please get upgraded as quickly as you can. It is as simple as purchasing a bronze digital package for 99 euros. Even if you see no one beneath you yet, it is important to activate your business for TWO reasons:

1. You are missing out on any UNITS that are created by people under you making purchases. I have seen THOUSANDS of units not being collected because of accounts not being activated. It is breaking my heart. Those units don't expire and will eventually mean more and more cycles for you later on. But you have to activate by purchasing a package to start collecting them.

2. I move my placements around trying to help everyone I can. I ONLY move my placements under ACTIVE positions. So if you are not active, you won't get spillover from me (although you may get it from others above and below you). You can see if you have people under you by going to TEAM STATISTICS, then DUAL SYSTEM. If you are blue, you need to make a PRODUCT PURCHASE asap!

If you have sponsored people who haven't upgraded, please contact them and find out if they need help with KYC documents or anything else. Make sure they understand, they need to purchase a package to activate their business!


Please don't forget to buy your weekly gram of gold. If you haven't set up the autoship to purchase 4 grams once per month and are doing the weekly manual purchase, please make sure to remember to do it!

Doesn't it feel good to start collecting GOLD? I love my little KB nuggets!

During these times of economic turmoil GOLD could become the only accepted currency for every day essentials. Trading ounces of gold for things like milk and gas would not be practical at all. But our little gram cards would be a perfect solution!

I have read articles that say gold will go up to 2500 an ounce in the next year (that is almost double what it is now).

So don't hesitate to trade in your paper money for GOLD... just sayin'!


I realize from emails I am getting that you don't all know how you get paid.

It is a wonderful system really: As soon as you have made 35 euros in commissions, KaratBars sends you a Mastercard Debit card in your name, free of charge. As soon as you receive it and activate it, they then transfer your earnings AUTOMATICALLY to your card EVERY FRIDAY.

You can keep track of your card transactions under: COMMISSION, then CARD LOG IN, then KARATBARS PREPAID CARD. You can also use the card as a credit card payment to buy your weekly gold!

Advertising Tip:

I wanted to share an email "ad" one of my downline wrote and sent to his contact list. I want to share it to give you an idea of what works... it isn't about sending ads, it is about "talking to people" about what you are doing that makes the difference. Make it personal and personable. Make it a "casual testimonial" about what you are doing and why and also how it is working so far, etc.

Here is the "ad" I am talking about, so you can see what I mean (not everything he says is completely correct, but this is his take on it):

Hey wanna hear a story??...

I have been involved in HYIP's for over 10 years...I have been involved in all kinds of 'programs', MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Revenue Share, Ponzi's galore etc etc, you name it!

Some I have made $$$'s with but most, sooner or later, simply fail...but then...

Along came Karatbars International GmbH - a real 'bricks and mortar' business in the business of selling Gold.

Although I had been a member since it opened for business the compensation plan just did not work unless you were a full on and experienced net marketer - and I wasn't and am not one of those gifted people...and then...

At the beginning of July this year KB changed their comp plan, not radically but enough for our brilliant Team Leader to see a way that ANYONE could participate in this genuine business and make a very good income - he simply made it totally passive and that means that the prerequisite of almost any program of this nature, where real products and/or services are involved, ie. the need to sign up 2 members under you who upgrade and become full members of the program, was no longer an obstacle for the ordinary guy...simply put:

Our Team guarantees to get you 2 upgraded KB members, you DO NOT have to market at all to be successful with our Team. But as with all things, the more you actually do yourself, the more you will get in terms of $$$'s at the end of the day...simple fact of life really...

This is what it cost me to get started: Bronze Membership - the bottom rung of the ladder - was about $150 and that is Ozzie Dollars, so about $135 US or 99 Euro...then there was my first gram of Currency Gold - and that is important as you will see later - and that cost about AU$75 or US$65 or about 50 Euro and finally there is the month long membership of the Team Rotator - Industrial sized marketing machine that ordinary guys like me just have access to - for US$ all up it cost me approx; AU$255 or US$235 or 175 Euro...

The only other cost is the purchase of 1 gram of Currency Grade Gold each week...

And that's it, you're done, you are now on your way to making a stable useful income that can exceed hundreds of dollars per week easily - FOR ANYONE - not just the hot net marketers as now we are all getting their tools and experience via our Team Leaders...

So what is stopping you??...

Remember; what would you rather have a garage full of at the end of the day, cleaning products, skin care stuff, phone cards OR something that you can sell readily any day of the week - GOLD.  Because that is simply what you are doing here, you are becoming an Investor in the oldest and most trusted form of Currency on the Planet, GOLD...look forward to hearing from you very soon...

kind regards,


PS. Find out more HERE! (his kb link)

See? He is just talking to people, telling them about what is going on. Like having a small chat about what he is up to. I really liked it as soon as I saw it and wanted to show you the difference between an ad  vs. a conversation by ad...

Maybe it will inspire you to write something up yourself... I can help you make a website with your letter as well. Please share with me what you come up with.


Not everyone has made money YET.

But many have and I'd love to hear from you how you are doing so far.

Even if you haven't yet, I'd like to hear from you about what your experience has been with the company, your sponsor and your team. Please send me testimonials, comments, and even complaints if you have them.

Thanks! I will use them to make this a more successful experience for everyone.

Remember, this is not a quickie program for us. This is a lifelong business venture with a TEAM strategy. 12 weeks or 12 months... it is the journey that counts! You earn all along the way!

Here is a new webpage that explains it all a bit differently:

If you have any questions, please just ask. I will do my best!

THANK YOU so much and have a GOLDEN DAY!